Soft Voxels P2

Oi folks,

after the fairly successful launch of Soft Voxels (despite the various quirks caused by the temporal upscaler), I’ve reworked various aspects of the pack. This means that this update is a lot more refined and mature than the initial release and also expands upon the initial visual style with a fully overhauled skybox (which is still exlcusively using planar/2D clouds, so its still very performant). The TemporalAA-Upscaler (TAAU) has also recieved numerous improvements, with some help from SixthSurge who is another shaderpack developer with a bit more experience on that part. Additionally I’ve cleaned up the internals of the pack and tweaked various bits to achieve a more refined overall look, so it should be an obvious overall improvement if you compare this update to the previous ones. The following changelog will also cover changes done with the updates P1a and P1b, as I haven’t done posts for these two.

I hope you’ll enjoy this quite extensive update :)


  • Overhauled TAAU
    • overall improved sharpness
    • at 50% scale by default
    • fixed various visual artifacts and NaNs
    • added FXAA pass after TAAU to remove remaining jagged edges (FXAA 3.1 implementation from BSL Shaders by Capt Tatsu with permission)
  • Overhauled Skybox
    • added Stratocumulus-esque clouds
    • added Cirrostratus “Sheet” clouds
    • reworked Cirrus Clouds
    • clouds are now done at 50% res per axis relative to the TAAU scale
    • improved cloud lighting
    • added proper skybox capture including clouds to be used with skylight and reflections
    • tweaked dynamic atmosphere densities
    • adjusted sun disk size
  • Added Simple Fog
    • includes light shafts done through Screenspace Godrays
    • matches atmosphere simulation
  • adjusted tonemap parameters
  • adjusted auto exposure
  • added purkinje effect
  • improved nighttime visuals
    • fixed overly dark moon texture
  • added proper handling of lighting outside the voxel volume
  • fixed lighting accumulation when world time is changed by command
  • reduced default shadow/voxelmap resolution to 2048 for improved out of the box performance
    • previous default (4096) caused exponentially worse performance
  • added SSAO ontop of path-traced light for authentic small-scale occlusion
  • fixed vanilla lightmap being visible on translucent objects

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