What is this project?

A few years ago I started extracting assets from the Batman: Arkham Games and brought them over into Unreal Engine 4, which lead to me attempting to mimic some of its mechanics. Over time I learned how to use Unreal Engine better and the logics got more and more advanced, eventually leading to near-complete traversal mechanics like the grappling or cape-gliding. Since people are asking about some details about the specifics I have decided to put up a dedicated project page for it, as I now have this website that allows me to do so in the first place.
I'd highly recommend checking the playlist on YouTube if you want to see gameplay and such of this project.

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Arkham Unreal FAQ

As the YouTube algorithm really likes my videos of this project I thought it’d make sense to do a small FAQ page, since there have been a lot of similar questions in the comments lately, so I hope that this answers most of those.

Unreal Engine: Root Move System

Some of you might have seen me mentioning or showcasing a more advanced and versatile root motion solution for a few months, this post will finally cover the fundamental inner workings of this system as promised.

Development Update – November 2021

It is once again time for a devblog-post, although last month was a bit less exciting overall, as I was quite busy with many other things. Obviously that means that I wasn’t quite able to make as many updates as possible, but there are nonetheless some interesting things to cover.

Arkham UE #0: Preface

Oi, As the new Blog Series about some of the foundations of my Batman Arkham replica using Unreal Engine 4 is about to launch in the near future I’d like to say some things about it before we start off.