What is this project?

A few years ago I started extracting assets from the Batman: Arkham Games and brought them over into Unreal Engine 4, which lead to me attempting to mimic some of its mechanics. Over time I learned how to use Unreal Engine better and the logics got more and more advanced, eventually leading to near-complete traversal mechanics like the grappling or cape-gliding. Since people are asking about some details about the specifics I have decided to put up a dedicated project page for it, as I now have this website that allows me to do so in the first place.

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The Unreal Engine 4 Arkham Project

Oi, given that you found this post I am assuming you are already somewhat aware of what this project is, a prototype of the Arkham games, except on Unreal Engine 4. I am not yet certain about how detailed I will describe some of the […]