Development Update – July 2024

Hi folks,

As you might have noticed I’ve skipped the devblog for June, because I quite honestly didn’t really get anything noteworthy done and thought it might be best if I took a bit of a break for a few weeks. As it turns out that was a good decision, as I was quite occupied with university stuff for most of the month, so I wouldn’t have been able to really work on much else anyways. Now that that’s done for this semester I finally have some spare time again and am starting to get more motivation and new ideas for things to work on.

Screenshot made by TheFinkie

Naturally one of the first things I finally want to tackle is the Distant-Horizons support for my shaderpacks, especially since the Iris side of things has become a bit more mature in that regard and I think I’ve got a good idea on where and how I have to change things in my shaderpacks to get things working. As stated before I’ll most likely start with implementing that in FastPBR, given that it’s Iris-exclusive and has a small and clean codebase.

I am also considering to drop future OptiFine support on my other packs, as the feature gap between Iris and OptiFine is growing and at some point I’d obviously want all my packs to be the best versions that I can make. Although my non-voxelised packs aren’t that heavily limited by OptiFine I could still squeeze some extra performance and especially improved internals out of switching entirely to Iris. However, one of my concerns is the ensemble of texture-related functionality (such as connected textures), since a lot of you use my shaderpacks with one of the many very fancy and extensive resourcepacks out there and I’d obviously want you to still be able to do that, but the Fabric-counterparts for the required OptiFine features has not always been up to par in the past, hence why I will also keep an eye on that. I’ll obviously keep you updated on whatever I decide when I get to that.

For those of you who are interested in my Batman Arkham stuff, I recommend giving my latest devblog a read, things have piled up since the previous update from a couple months ago lol: Link

That’s it for this somewhat shorter blogpost this time, and as usual I wanna give a big thanks to my supporters on Patreon. I hope you appreciate the insight into what I’m planning despite the recent lack of significant updates, and I should (finally) be able to get around to doing more shaderpack updates now :)

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