Actively Updated Projects

These are the actively maintained and updated projects of mine. Sometimes the last update may have been a few months ago, but that is either due to ongoing developments that are not yet ready for the public or simply because there currently isn’t anything worth updating. This especially happens to the less advanced ones of my Minecraft shaderpacks, as it is not uncommon that a lack of bugs to fix and new ideas to implement can lead to no public updates for a while.

Kappa Shader aims for a realistic, but also authentic look. So it is not plainly using physically accurate vales and equations like many other packs do. Instead, while still using many accurate calculations, it is tweaked to reproduce what you could observe in nature, which usually goes beyond just having equations to describe most phenomenons.

KappaPT is Kappa Shader’s path traced cousin, featuring both the familiar atmospherics as well as bleeding edge path traced lighting, which delivers colored block emission, proper skylight occlusion as well as global illumination.

Nostalgia Shader is intended to reproduce the look and feel of the “old” shaders from back when the shadersmod was new. However it also builds ontop of that with new features and superior performance. Accidentally it also has some similarities to the now canceled “Super Duper Graphics Pack” and even features a color grading profile for this since version 1.1.

NostalgiaVX is a brand-new and advanced version of Nostalgia Shader that leverages a hybrid of screenspace and voxel lighting solutions to provide world-space colored lighting without massive performance or denoising drawbacks.

Soft Voxels is a very unique pack among all the Minecraft shaderpacks using voxels and path-tracing due to its strong focus on soft and aesthetically pleasing lighting, as well as on competitive performance.

Vanilla Plus aims to preserve the vanilla Minecraft aesthetic, while also giving it some graphical touchups that make it more interesting. This includes the addition of dynamic shadows and lighting colors, custom vanilla clouds (which also work with resourcepack cloud textures) and a few optional enhancements like custom water.

The Potato Shaders try to stay as lightweight as possible to, as its name might suggest, even be usable on a literal potato of a PC. However it still tries to enhance the visuals in a reasonable way, despite lacking the fabled dynamic shadows and other effects of expensive nature. It also provides a degree of customizability through various ingame settings to allow you to get the experience you want.

Simplicissimus is unique among my packs for a variety of reasons. It tries to stay really close to what vanilla Minecraft provides in terms of graphics, thus it keeps the original vanilla clouds as well as the vanilla lightmap. However, while sticking to the “minecrafty look”, it also gives it some visual touchups like dynamic shadows, better fog and some slightly improved lighting of the vanilla clouds, making them look more integrated into the world.

UShader has a, to some degree, special nostalgic value to me since I’ve designed it to recreate a heavily modified version of SEUS v10.1 that I have been using for a few years. It recreates quite a bit of the unique look that my modified SEUS v10.1 had, which includes the distinct lighting the original pack had that obviously carried through to my modification and now to this pack.

The Batman: Arkham Project using Unreal Engine 4 has its own place here as well.