What is NostalgiaVX?

This is quite an interesting project with its very own niche. As some of you might know, basically all ready-to-use packs that use voxels for their lighting in some way are going for a realistic look, so I was wondering if its any good in a stylised pack like Nostalgia Shader. Thus the idea of NostalgiaVX was born, but unlike any other pack it uses a hybrid lighting approach that leverages the advantages of both floodfill lighting as well as screenspace path-tracing to provide a more performant solution, yet preserve some kind of reasonably high visual quality.

This is still a fairly young project so stay tuned as there is more to come of it.

NostalgiaVX is available for Tier 2 Patrons (5€), with occasional dropdowns to Tier 1 (1€), similar to the distribution model of KappaPT. The regular Nostalgia Shader will also continue to recive updates without any drawbacks, and thus also doubles as a demo version of this pack. The upcoming screenspace path-tracing in Nostalgia Shader v4.0 should provide you a reasonably good free alternative if you can't pay or decide not to pay for NostalgiaVX.

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