What is the Simplicissimus Shader?

This shaderpack is unique among my packs for a variety of reasons. It tries to stay really close to what vanilla Minecraft provides in terms of graphics, thus it keeps the original vanilla clouds as well as the vanilla lightmap. However, while sticking to the "minecrafty look", it also gives it some visual touchups like dynamic shadows, better fog and some slightly improved lighting of the vanilla clouds, making them look more integrated into the world. All this comes at a very little performance cost (given that you are not CPU limited without shaderpacks already), making it a nice touchup that is definitly worth the shot. It goes very well with the Bare Bones Resourcepack.
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Development Update – July 2023

It’s time to recap some updates again (of which there have been quite a lot in the last month) and there are also a few more upcoming updates that I have planned.

Development Update – February 2023

It is once again time to go through some updates again, which should be quite interesting this time thanks to the revival of FastPBR and the recent Iris-exclusive updates of Soft Voxels.

Simplicissimus Shader v1.1

Changelog: added wind effects fixed compilation error when using hq shadows adjusted skylight and sky color to match vanilla better added experimental instanced cloud layers (break in various scenarios when above clouds) improved shadow bias added pixel shadows simple specular and normalmap support some optimizations […]

Simplicissims Shader v1.0

Initial Release dynamic shadows bloom temporal anti aliasing motionblur dynamic sunlight colors improved vanilla cloud lighting (set vanilla clouds to fancy for best results) Download: Simplicissimus v1.0 By downloading you agree to the terms of use as detailed here. Make sure to visit my discord […]