Download instructions for exclusive packs


in order to download the supporter exclusive shaderpacks you will have to join my Discord Server and have your Patreon and Discord accounts connected. If you do not know how to connect your accounts, please refer to this guide from Patreon.

Once that is done you’ll have to use a slash-command called “/download” in the channel “#supporter-downloads”, which will prompt you to specifiy a pack once you entered the command. If you can’t see that channel make sure that your accounts are connected correctly and reconnect them if necessary (the Discord bot provided by Patreon is a bit finnicky at times). Now you’ll simply have to fill in the name of the shaderpack you want then, but make sure it matches the way it is written on this website or on my Patreon page. Unless you want a specific version you do not have to enter any more arguments, so you’d just press enter now and the bot will provide you with a download within a few seconds. If the download fails for some reason or the bot freezes please let me or one of my moderators on the server know so we can look into any potential issue.

Unlike I initially thought the bot does not require you to allow direct messages on my server, which is a neat improvement over previous iterations that other developers used.

If any questions or issues arise please let me or one of my server moderators know.



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