KappaPT P15

Oi folks,

raytraced refraction are now finally a thing as promised, which means KappaPT’s intended main features are now more or less covered. By default it still uses the “normal” refractions it used previously though, as the raytraced ones are rather expensive in comparision and also currently only implemented for the overworld (the other dimensions will follow shortly).

This also means you also get the distinctive snells window when underwater as you can see in the gallery below, which is something a few of you have been asking about. Naturally this also includes the phenomenon of total internal reflection.

Additionally I’ve unlocked a few more versions for Tier 1 and Tier 2 subscribers (check the supporter-updates channel on my discord server regarding that).

I hope you enjoy this update :)


  • added raytraced refractions
    • disabled by default
    • includes new settings for refraction
    • only available in the overworld for now
  • added light absorption through water for path-traced light

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