Soft Voxels P3


there have been some noteworthy additions this time as I’ve added volumetric fog and proper reflections, although the latter is only used for water surfaces for now. Especially the fog will see some further changes in the future, as I have to approach its lighting in a different way now, as this pack doesn’t have a shadowmap for the usual sunlight-occlusion, so the godray effect you’re seeing when using volumetric fog is still using screenspace godrays, similar to what the simple fog already uses.


  • added volumetric fog (disabled by default)
    • also includes LPV contribution
  • added glossy reflections (water surfaces only for now)
    • screenspace reflections
    • optional voxel reflections
  • adjusted indirect light behaviour
    • emitters should appear a bit more “room filling” and authentic now
    • adjusted bounced sunlight intensity
  • fixed minimum ambient light not being applied
  • minor TAAU adjustments
  • added a setting to control the sharpness of the sharp direct light option

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