Supporter Updates 2023-06

Hey folks,

Both NostalgiaVX and Soft Voxels have received some interesting updates, and that also includes the long awaited (by some of you at the very least) support for handheld emitters.

NostalgiaVX P10b

Now that Nostalgia Shader v5.0 has been released I have brought all of its applicable changes over to NostalgiaVX, which means that you’re now also getting the fancy new cloud lighting and improved colour grading with this pack. In addition to that I have also added support for handheld emitters, something that wasn’t quite trivial to work out but many of you requested it and I felt like it would be a good time to implement that feature, as I finally had a good idea on how to do it.

Changelog (includes all changes since P9c):

  • Feature parity with Nostalgia Shader v5.0
  • Fixed indirect lighting on cacti
  • Fixed volumetric fog in some indoor areas
  • Improved temporal ray guiding
  • Added optional legacy lens flare
  • Various internal clean-ups
  • Added support for handheld emitters
  • Fixed reflections accumulation breaking handheld items
  • Added support for colour management of iris 1.6.4
  • Added various block mappings for 1.20
  • Added various new emitter block mappings
  • Added optional agressive taa anti-flicker
  • Fixed various issues with translucency shadows
  • Improved motionblur
  • Improved mapping of various sculk blocks
    • Including lots of dynamic emission for blocks depending on their state
  • Fixed missing sunlight in voxel reflections
  • Added emission mapping for lava cauldrons
  • Fixed mapping of rotated end rods

Soft Voxels P7b

Soft Voxels has received a major update, as I have been adjusting and improving various smaller aspects of it and added support for handheld emitters to it as well.

Changelog (includes all changes since P6d):

  • Adjusted tonemapping
  • Improved colour grading through my custom film stock response emulation
  • Adjusted atmosphere parameters
  • Adjusted auto exposure behaviour
  • Added sunlight in VoxelPT reflections
  • Added various block mappings
    • Including new foliage blocks of Minecraft 1.20
  • Added a toggle for the purkinje effect
  • Improved TAAU sharpness and responsiveness
    • Also exposed various TAA(U) related settings
  • Added support for colour management of iris 1.6.4
  • Fixed lighting on cacti
  • Improved motionblur
  • Improved emission mappings for various sculk blocks
  • Fixed glow berries emission
  • Added emission mapping for lava cauldrons
  • Fixed missing LPV fog contribution settings
  • Fixed mapping of rotated end rods
  • Added support for handheld emitters

I hope that you’re enjoying these updates as usual. KappaPT should finally get some updates as well soon :)

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