Supporter Updates 2024-05

Hi folks,

I figured I should make a bit of a summary of the latest updates of KappaPT and NostalgiaVX since I kinda forgot get back to making update posts like this. I’ll include the full changelogs since the last supporter-updates post here, so you have a nice overview over what changed with the last couple of updates.

KappaPT P18b

I’ve completed re-adding dimension support in the last few months and also improved the overall quality and behaviour of the reflections by a decent bit. The latter are now rendered in full vertical resolution which should eliminate a lot of the pixelated artefacts that were happening on surfaces like water. These things also mark the finish line of the rework so now I can get back to regular updates over time.

In addition to that KappaPT P16b is now accessible for Tier 1 subscribers and KappaPT P17c for Tier 2 subscribers.


  • added support for The Nether
  • added foliage mapping for short grass in 1.20.4
  • added support for The End
  • fixed incorrect SSPT behaviour on latest AMD drivers
  • increased specular reflections resolution
    • should be a lot less pixelated on water etc.
  • reduced default shadowmap resolution to 2048
    • the previous default of 4096 was a leftover from the pre-iris versions
    • also leads to some out-of-the-box performance gains
  • fixed dark quad on water reflections when using voxel reflections
  • rearranged indirect lighting settings screen

NostalgiaVX P11

The major change to NostalgiaVX as of late is the significantly upgraded reflections solution, which gives much more robust results and also supports more fancy features such as multiple reflection bounces.


  • updated reflections
    • now uses a similar solution as KappaPT
    • now supports multiple reflection bounces
    • reflections are now done at half resolution
    • proper textures in reflections
  • added mapping for short_grass

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