Development Update – December 2023

Hi folks,

There are a few updates and other things to talk about again, and this time it also includes some plans related to my Unreal Engine-blogposts.


As you already know I have been focusing on ironing out the various leftover quirks from the recent rework, but since it seems like I’ve gotten most of that worked out by now I’ll start looking into some more internal clean-ups and optimisations as well as adding back the dimension support soon. Since my time is a bit more limited than it used to be I can’t give you any estimates for those updates right now, but I’ll try to get things done as soon as it’s possible and reasonable for me to do. Last but not least there are also still some minor aspects of the pack that aren’t quite up to speed with the latest Kappa Shader updates, so I’ll obviously also work on those (which also includes some smaller bugfixes I haven’t migrated yet).

Other Shaderpacks

Since there isn’t that much to say about most of my other packs I thought it’d make sense to just put them into a single paragraph this time.

NostalgiaVX also got some minor updates and I’m mostly just keeping it up to date with any relevant voxel-related changes I’m coming up with while working on KappaPT. I’ll eventually also migrate my new implementation for world-space reflections once I am satisfied with those.

Any packs of mine that are using ACES are also going to receive some minor updates soon-ish, as I’ve implemented the ACES Reference Gamut Compression, which basically gives bright saturated colours a nicer path to white as opposed to them becoming a bit “burned out”, as in becoming extremely saturated the brighter they get. Aside from that I am quite honestly a bit out of ideas on what do to in terms of visuals, as it all feels like it’s in a very solid spot and bugs that aren’t just caused by funky mod-compatibility issues are quite rare too. That’s why there’s a bit of a lack of updates on those packs, I haven’t discontinued them but I rather just don’t know what to do anymore lol.

Unreal Engine Blogposts

This is something that I’ve already announced on my YouTube channel, but future “devlog/update-videos” of my Batman project will most likely be accompanied by dedicated blogpost on this website rather than me writing a whole essay in the video description. This also lets me go more in-depth on some aspects which should be nice and I can include pictures to showcase or demonstrate certain things that I’m explaining, which should be especially nice when explaining some technical challenges or some of the strange ways I often come up with to solve an issue. An exception to this would obviously be videos where there aren’t any complicated or extensive things to showcase that would warrant extensive explanations and breakdowns.

In addition to that I’m also working on another small blog-series that’s focusing on getting better and more unique visuals out of your project with fairly little work by simply leveraging the post-processing capabilities of Unreal Engine while also avoiding some of its less-than-optimal aspects that plague a lot of games and projects.

Closing words

As you can see I am staring to get at least a bit of a routine when it comes to organising my time between my projects and university stuffs, which in turn makes it a bit less of a chaos when trying to decide what to do when and the fact that I am trying to focus my efforts on less things at once certainly helps with this.

Last but not least it’s obviously time for a massive thanks to my supporters over on Patreon, I’m extremely happy and grateful for your ongoing support as I’ve said many times before and I’ll continue making fancy things in the future and might even try to expand a bit beyond just Minecraft shaderpacks once I have the time for that :)

And that’s it for this month’s blogpost, I hope you enjoy the updates as well as the upcoming holidays, and of course I also wish all of you a happy new year, as it’s not that long until that anymore.

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