Development Update – March 2024

Hey folks,

It’s time for a bit of an update again, with KappaPT receiving a few more updates, some more things that I have planned for NostalgiaVX and last but not least a bunch of new Arkham Mods I’ve updated or released recently.


I have finished re-adding support for The End now and am starting to look more into the other aspects of the pack, most recently the reflections rendering. Those were awfully pixelated on worst-case elements such as water or wetness puddles and as it turns out this is a problem that I can only improve through brute force render resolution, so I increased the vertical resolution of the specular reflections, which lead to quite a substantial improvement at a moderate performance cost. In addition to that I have also adjusted a couple internal things and finally set the default shadowmap resolution to 2048px (same as in regular Kappa Shader) instead of 4096px, which brought a nice out-of-the-box performance improvement with it. The next thing I am looking into would upgrading the already updated TAA to include upscaling, although I am not sure how large the performance gains will be with this pack, given that its major performance hits come from features that will have to be excluded from any TAAU adjustments (the path-traced aspects more specifically).

Tier 1 subscribers also have access to KappaPT P16b now, and Tier 2 subscribers to KappaPT P17c.


Since I have worked out a good setup for my new path-traced reflections implementation in KappaPT I am planning to start implementing those in NostalgiaVX as well, as this is one part of the pack I deliberately skipped updating with its rework since I knew that I was going to do this properly with KappaPT. This should improve both the quality and the performance of the reflections in one go, which seems like a somewhat overdue improvement.

Arkham Mods

I’ve released and/or updated a few more mods for Batman: Arkham Knight in the last month, most notably my versions of the original Arkham skins from Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. I am quite happy with how these turned out, and they seem like a good addition in light of the utterly botched official DLC version of the Arkham Asylum suit. I have also updated my Burton Skin Pack and my Batman Begins Skin as well, so you might want to check those updates as well, and I also made a fixed and improved version of the suit from The Dark Knight, now with 99% less flappy shoulder-pads.

I’m not sure what mods I’ll be doing next, or if any at all in the next few weeks but I have planned an Arkham Origins Skin pack with the regular suit and the XE suit from said game for Arkham Knight but I can’t give you any ETA on that yet since there’s a bit of work involved in truly bringing these suits up to spec like my Asylum and City suits.

Closing words

As there isn’t anything special to say now, aside from the obvious shoutout to my supporters on Patreon I’ll just do that now lol.

As always I am very grateful for your ongoing support on Patreon as it allows me to work on all of these fancy things and I’ll make sure to bring you a bunch of more fancy updates or new things in the future :)

That’s all for this time, stay tuned for new updates!

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