Development Update – April 2024

Hi folks,

I’ve been working on a few new things again, most notably a major reflections overhaul for NostalgiaVX. In addition to that I am also starting to look into support for Distant Horizons with my packs.


Since I’ve finished my new solution for path traced reflections and the accompanying denoising in KappaPT I’ve started to bring that over to NostalgiaVX. This means that there will not only be substantial visual improvements but also some new features such as multiple reflection bounces and proper textures in reflections. From what I can tell so far the performance difference with the new reflections is almost negligible, which makes this quite a worthwhile change.

This should also make water reflections much more stable, as the improved accumulation for reflections gives much nicer results in motion than the previous solution.

Support for Distant Horizons

Many of you are probably aware of the API for Distant Horizons that’s being added to Iris recently, and you may have been wondering when I am going to make use of that. The good news is that I am already looking into that, the bad news is that the way things are being done is a bit interesting and nontrivial to implement into my existing codebase so I am still figuring out how to do this in a way that’s as clean and efficient as possible, since I want to keep the additional code complexity introduced by it to a minimum (which is also helpful for avoiding any performance hits). I will most likely try my hand at it in FastPBR before any other packs, as its minimalist feature-set and iris-exclusivity make it the perfect candidate for this.

Batman Arkham Mods

As some of you might have seen I’ve also done some more mod stuff for Arkham Knight, featuring an update to my Original Arkham Skin Pack and volume 2 of my Burton Skin Packs as well as new gliding capes for the first Burton Skin Pack, featuring a classic blue and grey suit in the Burton style. I will most likely focus on an original design of mine next, so keep an eye out for that.

Closing words

Since there isn’t really anything new going on I just wanna give a big thanks to my supporters on Patreon again as usual, you guys and your ongoing support are awesome :)

I’ll try to pick up the pace on some of my updates now, since I finally got into some sort of rhythm when it comes to juggling my projects and university stuff without one hindering the other, so I hope that you folks get more updates with fancy additions soon!

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