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What is the Vanilla Plus Shader?

This shaderpack aims to preserve the vanilla Minecraft aesthetic, while also giving it some graphical touchups that make it more interesting. This includes the addition of dynamic shadows and lighting colors, custom vanilla clouds (which also work with resourcepack cloud textures) and a few optional enhancements like custom water. In addition to that it also features color profiles that mimic the color palette of Minecraft Alpha versions as well as the looks of some older, but still popular (despite being horribly outdated and bugged) shaderpacks like SEUS v08 or Chocapic v3 and it's (largely unauthorized) edits.
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Development Update – May 2021

It is once again time for a new devblog, although this month was one of the less eventful ones but I think I still managed to get a reasonable amount of updates done.

Development Update – April 2021

Oi folks, here we are again after a rather eventful month this time.
Quite a few things happened in March, including some new releases, plan-shuffling as well as new updates being worked on but let’s go through it one by one.

Vanilla Plus Shader v2.3

After some waiting and project-juggling, here is the promised Vanilla Plus update, featuring support for Minecraft 1.15+ and its additions and rendering quirks.

Development Update – December 2020

An update on the development progress of my various shaderpacks, including Kappa Shader, Nostalgia Shader and Vanilla Plus as well as a small announcement of a pack that has not yet seen much public attention.

Vanilla Plus Shader v2.1

Changelog: added labPBR support improved screenspace reflections added option to disable TAA fixed disabling wind effects Downloads: By downloading you agree to the terms of use as detailed here. Curseforge downloads offer me support due to the Curseforge-Rewards program, so unless they are unreachable I’d encourage you to […]

Vanilla Plus Shader v2.0

Changelog: overhauled various internals improved ambient colors merged different editions into one version with a color preset setting no need to download separate versions for Chocapic and Seus v08 colors anymore vastly improved perfomance in gpu limited scenes overhauled and optimized clouds reworked presets fixed […]