Development Update – December 2020

Oi folks,

I thought it might be neat to give you some news on how things are progressing currently.

Kappa Shader

Version 3.0 of Kappa Shader has already reached the state of public previews that can be found on my Discord server (link in the navbar of this website), as well as on Patreon if you’re a patron (even the lowest tier already gives you access). The reason why I have not published these versions here is simple, I don’t want these unfinished versions to just make their way into the public without people being aware of its issues and rather quick updates. This is due to some past experiences of releasing a test version through the “shipping release” channels, where it wasn’t rare that people reported issues with that version, after the full release has already been finished and released because they did not update to that version.

As for the additions and improvements, there have been a dozen fixes related to the resourcepack material support and specular highlights. Aside from that the clouds recieved another major lighting revamp to look even better (yes, even if it seems impossible there is always something that can be improved). Another fix that may interest you is that dim emitters, like soul fire, in the nether dimension are now working as intended. Previously these seemed like non-emissive objects due to an internal bug in the emitter handling.

Nostalgia Shader

As my patrons and the people on my Discord server already know, version 3.0 of Nostalgia Shader is making some decent progress. You can find some examples of its freshly added resourcepack material support in the attached gallery. Overall its visual style and color palette is mostly set at this point, meaning the bulk of the remaining work is polishing and adding features. The latter is the most time consuming as I decided to pack some more exciting features into it when compared to the features version 2 had to offer. Examples of that would be the new variable penumbra shadows, the much broader support of the labPBR material format as well as some stuff that is very useful for screenshots, like the high-fidelity Depth of Field you already know from Kappa Shader.

Previews of Nostalgia v3.0 are currently available for tier 2 patrons. If you don’t have the means to become a patron don’t worry, the full release will be free as it always has been. In the meantime the latest public release should provide a sufficient experience.

Vanilla Plus

Due to the sheer demand of an update of Vanilla Plus to accomodate for the rendering changes done with Minecraft 1.15, I have decided to give it a small “interm-patch” that is not part of my initial update schedule, since I intend to eventually give this shaderpack the same big rework that Kappa and Nostalgia are recieving. Some images showing off the new support for the nether biomes can be seen in the attached gallery.

Said patch will make its way into the public in the near future and can already be found on my Discord server as a public preview version.


You may not have heard of this shaderpack of mine yet, which is simply due to it being an early work-in-progress project that also happens to be on the backburner. However that does not mean its not getting any updates and as I now have this website that gives me the flexibility of doing both releases and blog style announcements like this, it makes sense to also give it some spotlight here.

This shaderpack is primarily aimed at being extremely performant, while still providing a mostly authentic and realistic look (hence the name FastPBR). It has recieved a partial revamp recently, which pushed it ahead in terms of visuals without sacrificing on performance. You can find an image of it in the attached gallery as well.

A preview of this shaderpack can be found on my Discord server as well (that place is very much the heart of everything related to my projects, so feel free to join it).

Thats it for this time, stay tuned for more updates and enjoy the upcoming holidays (as much as it is possible in these difficult times).


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