Vanilla Plus Shader v3.0

  • Vanilla Plus 3.0 and the FaithfulPBR Resoucepack

The long-awaited huge overhaul is finally here!

As you may have noticed I've been working on version 3.0 for quite some time, this is because I have entirely overhauled the internals to improve both performance and visuals. As far as visual updates go I have focused on refining the existing looks, which is why there isn't a huge difference between 2.x and 3.0, but the small improvements here and there contribute a lot to the overall coherence of the experience.

To start off, the skybox has recieved a minor update which produces slightly more appealing colors and requires less maths to be calculated, with the skybox reflections (including clouds) being calculated in the same step, making those a lot more efficient. Further down the line there've been some small improvements to the tonemapping and auto exposure, which leads to a slightly more vibrant look and more pronounced highlights (e.g. the sun). I have also switched to forward shading, which means that weirdly rendered objects should cause less visual issues as well as improving performance on low end GPU's thanks to reducing the need of memory bandwith.

Additionally there is also a set of new features and entirely replaced ones, which includes the vastly superior reflections support as you know it from Kappa 4.0. This even includes the reflection capture, which is on par with the improved implementation I am using in Kappa 4.1. Another addition is bokeh depth of field, which lives up to the quality that you know from my other packs, so needless to say that it lets you create much better screenshot scenes.

Lets jump into the entire list of changes now and I hope you'll enjoy this update.


  • overhauled skybox
  • improved volumetric clouds
    • added support for story mode style
  • improved reflections support
    • updated to support latest labPBR specifications
    • added reflection capture to fill the gaps of screenspace reflections
  • overhauled water
    • new custom water color settings
    • optional custom water wave normals
    • improved water fogging
    • texture-water now casts more appealing colored shadows
  • overhauled shading model
    • improved shadows
    • improved overall performance of the lighting
    • now using forward shading for increased compatibility with vanilla rendering
  • added depth of field
    • including settings for manual focus
  • added a variety of new color customisation settings
  • improved tonemap and auto exposure
  • improved godrays
  • improved cloud and translucency interaction
  • various minor tweaks that i've made along the way but that'd be tedious to keep track of


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Vanilla Plus Shader v3.0 Vanilla Plus Shader v3.0


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