Supporter Updates 2022-10

Hey folks,

There’ve been a couple of updates again lately which I’d like to go through.

KappaPT P16(a) – Catching up with the Weather Update (Kappa v5.0)

I’ve updated KappaPT to be more up to date with the regular Kappa Shader now as I’ve announced before, now that version 5.0 of Kappa Shader is released. This means you’ll get most of the new features of it in KappaPT now, with TAAU being a major exception as it’s just not possible due to the technical limitations of OptiFine, which are already being maxed out by all the other features it has.

In addition to that I’ve been tuning the SVGF denoising for the path-traced lighting again, which should be a bit more performant and consistent now. This should also lead to less overblurring, though it is still on the softer side of things. Nonetheless I feel like I could squeeze out a bit more sharpness, so there might be some more improvements regarding that coming soon.


  • Overhauled skybox
    • Added cirrocumulus clouds
    • Added cumulonimbus clouds during rain
    • Added cumulus-congestus/-mediocris clouds (those two types are sort of blended into each other)
    • Overhauled cirrostratus clouds
    • Added noctilucent clouds
    • Added altocumulus clouds
    • Improved temporal upscaler for clouds
    • Added lightning bolt interaction
    • Sunlight now uses elevation based gradient
    • Various minor cloud shape improvements
    • Improved overall cloud lighting
      • New approach loosely based on work by Zombye
  • Fixed rendering of lightning bolts
  • Added local exposure
    • May lead to minor haloing with very extreme brightness contrasts in some scenes
  • Added per-day weather
    • Affects fog and skybox
    • Minor influence on wind effects and water waves
  • Image Sharpening strength can now be adjusted
  • Fixed Nether when disabling advanced SSPT emission
  • Added sandstorms for deserts during rain
  • Adjusted overall fog parameters
  • Added support for emitters added in Minecraft 1.19
  • Improved SVGF denoiser
    • Reduced “posterization” issues
    • Reduced default filter radius to 1, leading to slightly improved performance
    • Overall sharper and more consistent results
  • Reworked TAA based on TAAU of Kappa v5.0
    • Should be more effective at reducing jagged edges
    • Might be slightly blurrier than intended under certain circumstances
  • Fixed missing reflections in wetness puddles when not using resourcepack reflections
  • Fixed missing porosity handling

UShader v2.0 Preview E2

As I’ve mentioned in this month’s blogpost, I am also working on UShader again, which is making some nice progress lately. As I’ve already talked a lot about its recent changes in the devblog I’ll just skip to the changelog here (which is a bit longer as preview E1 has been around for some time by now).


  • Added TAAU
    • At 75% by default
  • Switched internal colour space to Rec2020
    • Produces nicer sky and lighting colors
  • Improved clouds
    • Improved temporal upscaler used on clouds
      • Much sharper, identical to Kappa Shader v5.0’s upscaler
    • Adjusted various cloud shape parameters
  • Adjusted various colours
  • Added raytraced screenspace ambient light
    • à la RTAO but with directional skylight
    • supports bounced sunlight
    • including subtle interactions with emitters
  • Added indirect lighting denoising
  • Fixed water absorption and sunlight on objects with subsurface scattering
  • Fixed incorrect caustics
  • Reduced default shadowmap resolution to 1536 pixels
  • Fixed incorrect sun and moon angles in the skybox when turning around quickly
  • Improved auto exposure solution
  • Improved skybox projection
  • Adjusted various default settings
  • Adjusted atmosphere parameters

Soft Voxels P5a

Soft Voxels got a minor update with some bugfixes and support for 1.19 emitters, so in that sense there isn’t anything new thats worth mentioning since this months devblog, but for completeness’ sake I’ll include the changelog here.


  • Fixed depth of field focus plane visualisation
  • Added support for 1.19 emitters
  • Fixed ambient occlusion rendering beyond the visible viewport area
    • This leads to a minor performance boost

Screenshot made by WoMspace


As always I hope that you’ll enjoy these updates (and the fact that KappaPT finally gets some updates again) :)


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