Soft Voxels P4


I have made a few more interesting additions this time, namely local exposure and rough reflections.

You might already be familiar with the local exposure from the latest devblog, as I’ve given a brief overview of that in the context of the upcoming update for Kappa Shader, this is essentially the same thing. I felt like it might be a good addition in this pack as well, as there are still various scenes that are difficult to expose correctly and my local exposure implementation seems to work fairly well already, though it might lead to slightly noticeable haloing under very rare circumstances.

Another big addition is the support for rough reflections, which are currently not using any kind of accumulation or denoising, as I’m looking into some slightly different approaches for that, which would ideally have less issues than the reflections denoising in NostalgiaVX and KappaPT.

Additionally I have also revamped the water wave normals, which are now more unique and no longer using a placeholder that looks similar to some of my other packs.

As always I hope you enjoy this update :)

  • Soft Voxels and Vanilla Normals Renewed


  • added local exposure
    • work in progress
    • improves exposure in scenes with difficult contrast ratios
    • enabled by default
  • added rough reflections
    • disabled by default
    • currently without additional temporal accumulation or denoising
  • added new water wave normals
  • adjusted atmosphere coefficients
    • slightly more dense and fitting for the overcast looking visual style
  • adjusted weather colors

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