KappaPT P15a and NostalgiaVX P7c

Oi folks,

I’ve made a bunch of smaller changes to KappaPT and NostalgiaVX again, and as I said its mostly just minor things that improve the overall quality of life and fix some issues as I am currently focusing more on Soft Voxels and version 5.0 of Kappa Shader.

KappaPT P15a

As you already know I’m focusing on ironing out the remaining issues until Kappa Shader v5.0 is done. Once the latter is the case all the changes will obviously also be brought over to KappaPT (as possible at a technical level at least).

Screenshot made by Budder as last months contest entry


  • fixed visual issues with VoxelPT Reflections and water
  • fixed blocky indirect lighting in refractions
  • fixed compatibility issues with Mesa drivers
  • minor general refraction improvements

NostalgiaVX P7c:

I’m still looking into adding TAAU to this pack, but am also considering some minor reworks regarding the lighting approach in order to improve performance if possible but both of these things have to wait a bit as I am quite occupied with the other updates I am working on.

Hodilton also made another video featuring NostalgiaVX, so make sure to take a look at that :)

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  • indirect lighting accumulation now responds to world time changes
    • eg. through commands
  • fixed visual issues with VoxelPT Reflections and water
  • fixed reflection accumulation setting being ineffective in the nether


As always I hope that you like these updates and stay tuned for the first previews of Kappa Shader v5.0, as thats going to be a good one :p

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