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Soft Voxels has recieved numerous updates since the last post, adding up to three subversions since then, which means we are now at P2c. I have spent quite some time on trying to improve the overall sharpness of the scene, which means TAAU improvements as well as re-enabling what is basically spatial resampling of the path-traced lighting before it is applied to the scene. This should improve the overall image sharpness and reduce some of the slightly blurry edges that were caused by the lighting in some scenes.

As the lighting is now more or less ironed out for the moment, I am starting to look into adding other essential features like reflections for example. I am also thinking more about how I would execute my idea of a free version, with my current idea being to simply strip that version of the extra gimmicks that I got in mind once the foundation of the back is robust enough, so that the “lite” version of it would simply focus on the core featureset, that being the skybox, the path-traced lighting and the TAAU. Of course all of this can still change until then, but for now I am just trying to think of good ways to handle this kind of split between two editions.

  • Soft Voxels and Patrix' Resourcepack


  • tweaked tonemap
  • slightly reduced indirect sunlight
  • fixed broken tallgrass lighting
  • added intersections for stairs, slabs, doors
  • fixed lighting issues and fireflies caused by impossible surface directions when using resourcepacks
  • adjusted auto exposure behaviour
    • slightly more stable with bright areas
  • added support for light colour absorption through water
  • fixed underwater visuals
  • tweaked TAAU
  • fixed issue that caused unnecessary extra lpv samples
    • might lead to a minor performance uplift
    • also fixes various issues of unnaturally strong or long distance lighting
  • enabled spatial resampling of PT lighting
    • should improve overall sharpness of the lighting a bit, especially around edges

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