Vanilla Plus Shader v3.1

  • Using the SEUS v08 colour profile

Hey folks,

It’s time for a minor update of Vanilla Plus, which is focusing on some bug-fixes and some futureproofing with foliage block mappings for Minecraft 1.20.

As you can see there aren’t that many changes to this pack, which is mostly because it’s in a solid spot both visually and performance-wise, all while having very few remaining bugs to fix. In addition to that this pack also isn’t really handicapped by OptiFine in any noteworthy ways so updating it to be Iris-exclusive also doesn’t give me enough benefits to warrant that. So do not confuse the lack of updates with it being discontinued, as it’s just the result of there being almost nothing to update about it ever since I finally got the visuals right with version 3.0. That being said, I did give the SEUS v08 colour profile a slight overhaul in this version, as it didn’t quite look right, so it should be a bit more faithful now.

As usual I hope that you will enjoy this update :)


  • Added various block mappings for Minecraft 1.19 and 1.20
  • Added a setting to control the display colour gamut
  • Removed godrays from The End
  • Fixed various issues with NaNs in reflections
  • Improved SEUS v08 colour profile to be more faithful
  • Adjusted ambient occlusion for various colour profiles
  • Fixed partially incorrect colour grading for some colour profiles
  • Added settings for to control the vignette
  • Improved translucency shadows
  • Adjusted nether ambient lighting for improved visibility


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