Kappa Shader v5.1 – Bugfixes over Bugfixes

Oi folks,

It’s time for another Kappa Shader update. This was originally supposed to be version 5.0b, but as changed started to add up it became more than just a minor bugfix update, although there are a lot of bugs that have been fixed with this version.

Something that I would like to highlight is the subtle shift in colour grading that is part of this update, which is caused by the addition of my own film stock response emulation that basically allows me to fine tune the colour response across the full internal HDR luminance range in an organic way. This addition should provide some slightly nicer and more pleasing visuals across the board.

Another noteworthy addition is the possibility to select the display output gamut in the shaderpack settings, which allows those of you who are using a wide gamut display to get the intended look without everything being extremely saturated.

Aside from these two additions there are also a lot of bugfixes as you can see in the changelog below. I hope that you’ll enjoy this update :)


  • Fixed reflections in the Nether and the End
  • Fixed errors in the Nether and the End when using Iris
  • Added a setting to control the display colour gamut
  • Corrected terrain texture mip bias on normalmap and specular maps
  • Fixed invisible translucent objects when underwater
  • Fixed displaced planar cloud lighting when far from the world origin
  • Added custom film stock response emulation
  • Fixed incorrect volumetric fog on latest AMD drivers
  • Improved translucency shadows
    • eliminated issues with bright outlines surrounding shadows of solid objects
  • Fixed refraction in the Nether and the End
  • Added foliage mappings for Minecraft 1.20
  • Fixed broken item pick-ups in the End
  • Adjusted Nether visuals for improved visibility and less extreme saturation in certain biomes (eg. Crimson Forest)
  • Fixed jittery indirect lighting on certain GPUs


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