Soft Voxels Lite v2.0

Oi folks,

It is finally time for a new version of Soft Voxels Lite, which features a lot of improvements I’ve made since the last release though the Lite edition remains compatible with OptiFine, unlike the full version of Soft Voxels.

This version is mostly up to date with the latest full version of Soft Voxels that was compatible with OptiFine, with the exception of a few removed optional features and some new changes that I’ve brought over from the latest full version to narrow the gap in terms of overall look, as I have made some significant colour grading changes recently.

As there are a lot of little changes that have happened since the last lite version released it seems sensible to go through them with the changelog. All the changes I listed there are relative to the previous lite version. I hope that you’ll enjoy this update as usual :)


  • Fixed performance loss cause by SSAO being calculated for areas outside the view
  • Fixed depth of field focus plane visualisation
  • Added block mappings for Minecraft 1.19 and 1.20
    • Including various new emitter mappings, especially for sculk blocks
  • Improved TAAU
    • Now at 75% by default to compensate for edge sharpness of the lighting compared to the full version (the latter uses spherical harmonics to resolve this)
    • Also exposed various settings to control TAAU behaviour
  • Fixed various minor NaNs in some scenes
  • Improved distant lightmap fallback for emission
  • Raised default image sharpening strength to 0.7
  • Added support for colour management capability of Iris 1.6.4
    • Alternatively a setting to choose the display colour space when on OptiFine
  • Added a setting to toggle the purkinje effect
  • Colour grading changes through my custom film stock emulation
  • Added support for the nether
  • Adjusted atmosphere parameters
  • Adjusted auto exposure behaviour
  • Improved motionblur
  • Fixed lighting on cacti


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