Kappa Shader v5.2 – Even more bugfixes and tweaks

Hey folks,

Kappa Shader is already receiving another update that fixes a few more bugs, prepares it for the latest Minecraft update and also comes with various other minor changes and additions.

The focus is especially on the latter two, as I have been tweaking things here and there to iron out some minor shortcomings and nitpicks I noticed. This includes some improvements to the way the sun disk blends with the clouds (especially noticeable around sunrise and sunset), motionblur that behaves a lot nicer overall and especially close to the view border and the addition of various block mappings that I have missed before. In addition to that moon phases affect the brightness of the moonlight now, which should make everything feel a bit more cohesive too and was a long overdue addition.

Last but not least I have finally fixed an old bug that I couldn’t figure out until now, which manifested itself as the strange bright lines some of you have observed inside water when using volumetric water.

There isn’t that much more to say about this update, so I’ll skip to the changelog now. I hope that you’ll enjoy this update regardless of that :)


  • Fixed strange emission behaviour when using resourcepack reflections
  • Fixed incorrectly rendering volumetric fog when indoors in some scenes
  • Fixed incorrectly lit translucents during rain
  • Adjusted TAA(U) behaviour
    • Also added optional, more aggressive anti-flickering
  • Added various foliage and emitter block mappings
    • Including new blocks of Minecraft 1.20
  • Fixed bright lines when using volumetric water
  • Improved motionblur
  • Added support for colour management capability of Iris 1.6.4
  • Added proper handling of moon phases
  • Raised default volumetric fog mist altitude to 120
  • Improved volumetric clouds lighting and sun disk blending


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