Vanilla Plus Shader v3.2

Hey folks,

Its once again time for a Vanilla Plus update, as I’ve been working on more bugfixes, a few minor enhancements such as more block mappings for Minecraft 1.20 and most notably improved cloud lighting and proper handling of moon phases.

The former change was actually something I made for Nostalgia Shader v5.0, but as the cloud rendering code of Vanilla Plus shares some similarities I’ve decided to bring that change over as it makes the clouds look significantly better in many scenes. Some other improvements I made to the cloud rendering in Nostalgia Shader that also apply here is much better and less bugged visuals when inside or above the clouds.

Moon phases now also correctly influence the intensity of the moonlight, which means new moons now result in rather dark nights and full moons in slightly brighter than before nights, with all steps in between behaving accordingly.

These are pretty much the most exciting new things in this update, I hope you like it :)


  • Added various block mappings for Minecraft 1.20
  • Updated motionblur
    • Should behave a lot better around screen edges
  • Added support for colour management capability of Iris 1.6.4
  • Updated cloud lighting and raymarching
    • Includes improvements to cloud rendering when inside or above clouds
  • Removed godrays when underwater
  • Added rain mode to volumetric clouds
    • Similar to the pendant from the upcoming Nostalgia Shader v5.0
  • Fixed missing glow on dim emitters
  • Added proper handling of moon phases
    • Moon phases now determine the brightness of the moonlight


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