Nostalgia Shader v5.0 – A long overdue update

Hey folks,

It is finally time for a big update to Nostalgia Shader, and it focuses on both major additions, minor improvements, bug-fixes and touch-ups across the board so that this pack is even better than before.

The most noteworthy addition is without doubt the temporal anti-aliasing upscaling (TAAU), as it results in a significant performance boost with fairly little visual losses. It is at 75% by default, just as it is in Kappa Shader, since that seems to be the best compromise between visuals and performance. This also comes with various internal updates to the TAA itself, so it should be a bit more robust than before.

I have also reworked large parts of the cloud rendering and lighting, which should make them look a lot more pleasing and also solves a few major issues that were present before, like the previously very broken cloud rendering if you were above the clouds. In addition to that I have added a new cloud state that applies when it is raining, since the clouds felt a bit off during rain as many of you pointed out, but as I am not using a procedural shape in this pack it wasn’t a trivial thing to improve but I think the idea I came up with works out pretty good without breaking the packs visuals. Another feature that many of you requested were cloud shadows, and more specifically shadows from the higher cloud layer on the lower one. Both of these features are now available as settings for you to enable and make the clouds feel a bit more embedded in the world.

The overall colour grading of the pack also changed a bit, as I have added my custom film stock response emulation and tuned it so that it improves the overall vibrancy and makes bright surfaces and objects look a bit less dull, something that you will especially notice when comparing it side by side. This should make everything a lot more pleasing to look at and combined with the local exposure solution I also added it should be a great improvement over previous versions.

Last but not least, I have tweaked the water colour and absorption coefficients as the water felt a bit too murky and grey to me, so I’ve cleared it up a bit and made its default colour more vivid so that it matches the rest of the pack better.

There are of course many more additions, such as the proper support for moon phases, but the ones I’ve just explained in depth are without doubt the ones with the biggest impact on the pack as a whole. I hope that you’ll enjoy this extensive (and also somewhat overdue) update :)


  • Added temporal anti-aliasing upscaling (TAAU)
    • At 75% by default
    • Includes various general TAA improvements
  • Added local exposure
  • Added settings to control the overall ambient colour of dimensions
  • Reworked cloud rendering and lighting
    • Improved overall cloud lighting
    • Improved story mode clouds with more lighting directionality
    • Added new cloud state during rain
    • Improved cloud rendering when inside or above clouds
    • Added optional layer shadowing (meaning the top cloud layer casts shadows on the bottom one)
    • Volume samples are now set dynamically, the available setting acts as a target average
  • Added optional cloud shadows
  • Colour grading changes through my custom film stock response emulation
    • Improves both overall image vibrancy and made bright objects appear a bit less dull
  • Expanded value range of the SSPT lightmap blend setting
  • Added support for colour management capability of Iris 1.6.4
    • Alternatively a setting to choose the display colour space when on OptiFine
  • Added cave fog
  • Added a slider to control the image sharpening strength
  • Added settings to control the overall sky colour
  • Added various missing foliage mappings as well as block mappings for Minecraft 1.20
    • Also added hardcoded subsurface scattering to cacti
  • Added moon phase handling
  • Fixed missing sunlight in The End
  • Fixed various visual issues with translucency shadows
  • Fixed missing soft shadows when disabling variable penumbra shadows
  • Adjusted water colour and absorption coefficients
  • Improved water fogging
  • Fixed volumetric fog with latest AMD drivers
  • Fixed minor issues with reflections on water
  • Improved motionblur
  • Removed wetness puddles when in dry biomes


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