Nostalgia Shader v3.1


its been a while since the last update of Nostalgia Shader but here it is now. This is mostly just a maintainance update though, with very little visual changes but a bunch of bugfixes so nothing overly interesting to be highlighted here. Thats why I'll just jump to the changelog now.


  • fixed missing water absorption on objects using subsurface scattering
  • added moonlight illumination setting
  • fixed cloud blending when above first layer
  • color settings for the nether and end
  • improved caustics
  • tonemap tweaks
  • fixed incorrect fog colors at dawn/dusk
  • fixed broken pom with a heightmap value of zero
  • fixed mod block id support
  • framing tool can now be hidden with GUI
  • fixed specular support on translucency
  • fixed block selection outline in 1.17
  • added russian settings translation (thanks to kononets_ on curseforge)


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Nostalgia Shader v3.1 Nostalgia Shader v3.1


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