Kappa Shader v4.0

  • Kappa 4.0 and Patrix' Resourcepack
After the massive update that was Kappa Shader v3.0, here comes the next one thanks to a broad set of new OptiFine features that have been added since then.
This update is once again an all around improvement, and much more refined than 3.0 or 3.1 were. Not only has the performance seen a massive uplift (approx. +25%), but the visual results have also improved by quite a margin with respect to that. This is thanks to many improvements done to the lighting (especially the SSPT has recieved a considerable improvement as you will notice yourself when comparing it to 3.x) and the atmospherics, with the latter now utilising temporal upscaling for improved performance and quality.
Many smaller quirks have also been ironed out with auto exposure being one example, which should behave much more consistent now and gives you precise control over the weighting of bright and dark spots.

An important change also is the absence of a Lite version of 4.0, as such a version is now obsolete thanks to the much more scalable and optimised internals of 4.0, so all you gotta do is switch to a lower profile now.

Only 1.16.4+ is supported at this moment since the new OptiFine features have not yet been backported! Also needs OptiFine G7 or newer.


  • Complete internal refactoring
    • Overall improved internal pipeline and data flow
    • Improved base performance overhead
  • Improved atmosphere
    • Tweaked multiscattering approximation
    • Tweaked ozone coefficients
    • Adjusted rainy weather behaviour
  • Improved clouds
    • Added temporal upscaling for improved performance and quality
    • New cirrus clouds
    • Various tweaks and performance improvements
  • Vastly improved SSPT
    • Improved overall performance
    • Revamped emission behaviour
    • Added support for multiple bounces
    • Ambient occlusion and skylight are handled by the SSPT now
    • Much more precise shading and longer emission distances
    • Improved filtering and accumulation
  • Optimised direct sunlight calculation
  • Improved fog and volumetric water
    • Using temproal upscaling and smoothing for reduced noise and better performance
  • Added experimental equirectangular reflection capture (disabled by default)
    • Can currently lead to some visual artifacts
    • Stores data that was on screen to be reused as reflection data to hide screenspace raytracing limitations
  • Improved resourcepack support
    • Improved emission behaviour (see SSPT)
    • Improved material AO support
  • Minor color grading adjustments
  • Improved nether and end atmospherics
    • Reduced volumetric effects noise
    • Added random coloring to end glow
    • Better support for nether biomes
  • Fixed weather particle rendering
  • Settings screen reorganisation
    • Also added a variety of new settings
  • Most likely a bunch of other things i forgot to mention here


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Kappa Shader v4.0 Kappa Shader v4.0


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