Batman Begins Suit v4.1 (Arkham Knight Mod)

Hi folks,

Some of you might have already seen that I have made new gloves for my Batman Begins suit, and this update finally brings them into Arkham Knight.

In addition to that I have also tweaked a few things about the face, which now uses a custom cowl mask and shouldn’t look weirdly sweaty in some scenes anymore.


  • Added new gloves
  • Added custom cowl mask for the face material
  • Tweaked face materials to reduce the “sweaty” look in some scenes

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Installation Notes

This skin requires that you own the 2008 Movie Batsuit DLC and have it installed.

To install this skin simply drop the RBmBegins folder from the unpacked download into Batman Arkham Knight/DLC/418930 (the entire folder, not just its contents).


By downloading you agree to the terms of use as detailed here.

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