Original Arkham Skin Pack v1.0 (Arkham Knight Mod)

Hi folks,

This is yet another port of some skins from my project, this time my renditions of the original Arkham Batsuit designs from Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. I thought it might be a good time to port these, now that I’ve finally made a new mesh for the cowl that isn’t horribly low-res (and surprisingly it took me only about a day to do) since that was really the only thing I wanted to update before turning them into skins. Porting them was also surprisingly straightforward for a change, since these suits aren’t very complex as far as individual elements or additional armor controllers go, which is why this ended up being my weekend’s task lmao.

Before some people ask/complain, these are my own renditions of those suits and are thus not meant to be super accurate versions of the original models, so please don’t bother asking me about making it more accurate or anything like that, this is not the point of these skins.

If you are interested in resources and help to learn Arkham-Modding or if you just want to keep up to date with my mods, feel free to join the Arkham Artwork Discord Server!

Installation Notes

This skin pack requires that you own the Bat-Family Skin Pack and have it installed.

To install this mod simply drop the RBmArkhamLegacy folder from the unpacked download into Batman Arkham Knight/DLC/<pick any folder> (I use 356474) (the entire folder, not just its contents).


By downloading you agree to the terms of use as detailed here.

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