The Dark Knight Custom Version v1.0 (Arkham Knight Mod)

Hey folks,

As I have recently released my Batman Begins Suit as a mod for Batman: Arkham Knight I thought that it’d be neat to also make a modified and fixed version of the suit from The Dark Knight, which also includes much better behaviour of the shoulder pads.

In addition to that this mod also inherits some of the custom material stuff that I have done in my project, which means it now looks a bit darker and more faithful to the original suit, has some additional scratches detail and on top of that it now uses same gliding cape as my Batman Begins suit, which should be a huge upgrade over the state of the vanilla DLC suit.

Changes vs the Vanilla DLC suit

  • Updated shading and textures
    • Overall darker look
  • New cape gliding state
    • Matches my Batman Begins suit
  • Fixed shoulder pad armor controllers
    • Should no longer flap upwards during various animations
  • Replaced face textures to match my Batman Begins suit

If you are interested in resources and help to learn Arkham-Modding or if you just want to keep up to date with my mods, feel free to join the Arkham Artwork Discord Server!

Installation Notes

This skin requires that you own the 2008 Movie Batsuit DLC and have it installed.

To install this skin simply drop the RBmDK2008 folder from the unpacked download into Batman Arkham Knight/DLC/418930 (the entire folder, not just its contents).

This does not replace the official DLC skin slot!


By downloading you agree to the terms of use as detailed here.

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