Development Update – July 2024

As you might have noticed I’ve skipped the devblog for June, because I quite honestly didn’t really get anything noteworthy done and thought it might be best if I took a bit of a break for a few weeks.

Arkham Knight Skin Mod Face Updates

I’ve occasionally been working on some stuff related to making custom face meshes from new highpoly sculpts for my skin mods as of late and have finally finished some of them for my skin mods.

Development Update – May 2024

It’s time to go through some new stuff again, this time more specifically the reflections update for NostalgiaVX and some of the other things I’ve planned for future shaderpack updates.

Development Update – April 2024

I’ve been working on a few new things again, most notably a major reflections overhaul for NostalgiaVX. In addition to that I am also starting to look into support for Distant Horizons with my packs.