Development Update – January 2024

Hey folks,

I hope that you all had a good start into the new year and that you’re ready for some more updates and such :P


As you already know at this point I am currently working on re-adding support for The Nether and The End to the reworked version of KappaPT. This has proven to be a little more involved than usual due to the sheer amount of internal changes that I’ve done with the rework, hence it took me longer than expected with my more limited spare time but rest assured that I am still onto that. I hope that I’ll get this done within this month, especially now that I’ve also wrapped up a few other unfinished things in the last couple of weeks which means that I can focus a bit more on shaderpack things again.

Soft Voxels

This was another one of those unfinished things I’ve just mentioned, as I just never got around to finally adding support for The End until last month, although one problem also was that I just didn’t really have a good idea for it and just adding some generic looking visuals for it would’ve been a bit underwhelming. I am quite happy with how it turned out though, and I think it’s also a pretty unique look once again.

Mods for the Batman: Arkham Series

As you might already know it’s finally possible to properly import custom models in the Arkham games thanks to some recent UPK Explorer updates that fixed some major issues that I was running into. Obviously I took advantage of these new capabilities by porting some of the Batman skins I made for my own project, specifically the Batman Begins suit and the 1989, 1992 and 2023 Michael Keaton Batman suits. I will focus on 3D models that I made myself with my mods though, as most of the other suits can and/or are already planned to be done by other modders, hence why it wouldn’t make too much sense for me to spend my time on those when I could be working on my own 3D models instead. For now I’ll have to see what skin I’ll add next, as my armored blue and grey Keaton suit as well as the Burton-styled Batgirl suit aren’t exactly reasonable and viable to port due to their excessive reliance on custom armor controllers to properly move various pieces of the suits.

Closing words

I hope that you folks had some enjoyable holidays and a happy new year, let’s see what this year brings :)

As you can see I got to kick it off with a different kind of mods for a change which is nice as I am always looking for new and different things to do, even if my time for these is rather limited as of late, but I’d rather have interesting things to do and not get around to them in time than having too much time and nothing to do with it :P

I also want to thank my subscribers on Patreon yet again (I know this bit has become somewhat of a tradition in each monthly blogpost but I can’t help it lol), you folks are awesome and thanks a lot for your ongoing support that lets me work on these things as much as I do.

That’s all for this time, I hope you enjoy some of the new stuff and I hope to bring you some more of that soon!

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