Burton/Keaton Batsuit Skin Pack v1 (Arkham Knight Mod)

Hey folks,
As I can now use my 3D models with their original skin weights and without having to deal with various other hurdles I’ve decided to also bring my Burton/Keaton-Batman skins to Arkham Knight. I’ve bundled them into a single mod because it felt like this would make sense and it almost makes this an actual DLC of my own lol. This means that this mod includes an alternative version of the 1989 Batsuit as well as my 1992 and 2023 suits.

The 89 and 92 suits also have some additional fixes over the original 89 DLC skin, as the latter has some rigging issues on the boots and an incorrect belt mesh in the sacrifice scene at the end of the main story (there’s also an issue with the 2023 suit in that scene, see below for that).

Known Issues

  • the belt of the 2023 suit does not properly disappear in the sacrifice scene at the end of the main story (just couldn’t get this to work somehow)
  • occasional belt clipping on the 2023 suit (blame rocksteadys bone controllers for this, can’t do much about this either)

Installation Notes

This skin requires that you own the 1989 Movie Batsuit and Batmobile DLC as well as the Bat-Family Skin Pack and have both of them installed.

To install this skin simply drop the RBurton folder from the unpacked download into Batman Arkham Knight/DLC/401621 (the entire folder, not just its contents).


By downloading you agree to the terms of use as detailed here.

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