Supporter Updates 2022-12


There are a few new updates to go through in detail, as I’ve already hinted at in this month’s devblog.

NostalgiaVX P8d

I have updated the TAAU to match some of the recent improvements I’ve made on other packs such as Soft Voxels and UShader. This means that it should be a bit more consistent overall and less smeary in some scenes, while the re-enabled flicker rejection should give it some extra stability in static scenes.

In addition to that entity overlays such as spider-eyes should finally work properly (this time for real).


  • Fixed lens flares
  • Updated TAAU to match recent improvements from UShader and Soft Voxels
  • Added various new block mappings thanks to the user HiBreck_ on my discord server
  • Fixed entity overlays such as spider-eyes

Screenshot made by Budder

Soft Voxels P5c

I have adjusted various parameters of the TAAU and changed the image sharpening default to improve the out-of-the-box look of this pack. In addition to that the TAAU flicker rejection should get rid of most fireflies in dark scenes with moving foliage, which has been a bit of an issue as of late.

I have also improved the lightmap fallback visuals, which should now be a bit less jarring compared to the proper emission within the voxel volume.

Last but not least, support for The End is planned for one of the next updates in case any of you are wondering.


  • Fixed potential NaNs caused by the TAAU
  • Adjusted TAAU parameters for improved results
  • Changed default image sharpening strength to 0.7 (was 0.5 before)
  • Added TAAU flicker rejection
    • Should improve fireflies in dark scenes with foliage a lot
  • Improved lightmap fallback visuals
    • More neutral colour and a falloff that resembles the path-traced lighting more closely

UShader v2.0 Preview E6

The UShader rewrite is slowly nearing completion as I’ve explained in this month’s devblog, which is why any preview versions from now on are available for all subscribers until I feel like it’s in a good state to begin public testing.

Aside from that I have finally added some user friendly settings labels, exposed various new settings to control the indirect lighting and updated the Depth of Field to include the various focus modes you already know from some of my other packs. I’ve also tweaked the visuals in very dark scenes by adjusting the intensity of the lowlight grain and the overall lower limit of the auto exposure to ensure a minimum level of visibility in darkness as I intended and last but not least I have added support for The End as most of you have seen by now.

Changelog (includes changes from E5):

  • Added support for The End
  • Adjusted cloud animation parameters
    • Should be a bit faster and more dynamic now
  • Fixed cloud shadows
  • Added manual DoF focus modes and focus plane visualisation
  • Exposed settings for indirect lighting
  • Adjusted lower auto exposure limits
  • Adjusted lowlight grain intensity
  • Added user friendly settings labels


That’s all for this time, I hope you enjoy these updates :)


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