Supporter Updates 2022-11

Oi folks,

There have been a few updates again, although not as many as usually since I’m going a bit easier on the updates for now as I’ve mentioned in the recent devblog.

KappaPT P16b

I’ve updated KappaPT to reflect the changes I’ve recently made with Kappa Shader v5.0a, which means some additional improvements to the skybox as well as some fixed bugs. In addition to that the settings to configure the clouds should be back now, as I’ve forgotten to update some parameter references with P16 when I updated the cloud system to match Kappa’s Weather Update.


  • Updated to match changes of Kappa Shader v5.0a
    • Adjusted cirrus and cirrostratus clouds
    • Cloud reflections now match skybox better at low sun angles
    • Fixed potential NaNs with wetness puddles on nVidia GPUs
    • Skybox reflections of below-horizon areas are now dimmer
  • Fixed missing cloud settings

UShader v2.0 Preview E4

As some of you already know I’ve started working on dimension support recently, which means the Nether is now supported although its look might not be final yet. In addition to that I have adjusted the skybox horizon handling, which now matches what Kappa Shader does, as its approach simply looks less jarring to me and helps with feeling the sun and clouds feel more “embedded” in the sky rather than having mismatched horizon cut-offs. I have also re-enabled TAAU flicker rejection, which might introduce some minor blur in some scenes but helps a lot with stabilising static scenes but any feedback on this change is welcome as it helps me with tuning it further to achieve better results.


  • Improved blocklight colour behaviour
  • Added Nether support
  • Updated skybox horizon rendering
  • Re-enabled TAA(U) flicker rejection
    • Improves stability with rough reflections and small details
    • Might introduce minor blur in some scenarios

I hope you enjoy these updates as always :)

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