Kappa Shader v4.2

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it’s time for some updates to Kappa Shader. This release is once again focusing on minor refinements of various bits of this pack as I also have begun working on version 5.0, which will require much more time as it’s closer to a partial overhaul. So this release features a couple less-invasive changes that I’ve made to improve upon the current iteration of Kappa Shader, which so far already seems pretty robust based on the overall feedback from you people :)


  • added “bloomy fog”
    • this varies the bloom intensity based on the amount of fog visible in that area on-screen, which can lead to much more atmospheric visuals
  • improved nighttime
    • slightly brighter and more balanced with emission being visible on-screen
    • emission appears less overblown and blinding at night
  • slightly adjusted dynamic fog density
  • reduced overall fog mie scattering
    • makes fog appear a bit less grey and hazy
  • clouds now respect the planet/atmosphere curvature
  • overhauled atmosphere horizon and planet surface visuals
    • produces a much more plausible and authentic looking horizon
    • clouds feel more “embedded” in the atmosphere in the horizon area
    • the planet surface is now loosely approximated to fill in the below-horizon area which would be dark otherwise
  • overhauled lighting of volumetric clouds
    • new approach incorporates some ideas from Spectrum by Zombye
    • produces much a much more authentic and less flat look
  • clouds are now always temporally accumulated
  • added optional lightleak prevention
    • the underlying issue is caused by OptiFine so if you have complaints or issues about light-leaking please direct them to the OptiFine issue tracker
      • the underlying chunk-loading issue has been persistenly bad in the past and got even worse in 1.18 with the only “fix” being less than optimal, which has been an issue for other shaderpack developers as well
      • please don’t ask shaderpack developers like me about this, as it’t not really our issue to fix properly, and we actually can’t fix it properly either


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Kappa Shader v4.2 Kappa Shader v4.2


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