KappaPT P14(a) and NostalgiaVX P6a


here are some more, although smaller, updates again :)

KappaPT P14(a)

The long awaited support for “The End” is finally here, not a whole lot of other changes though as I’ve been busy.


  • added support for “The End”
  • reduced artifacts caused by lighting accumulation

KappaPT and Patrix’ Resourcepack

NostalgiaVX P6a

Now that I’ve been able to actually test with a modern nVidia GPU myself I was able to finally fix that annoying bug that was essentially making the indirect lighting unusable in various scenes.


  • fixed indirect light accumulation issues
    • were especially noticeable on certain nVidia setups

Screenshot made by Budderman

Download Instructions

I hope you enjoy these smaller but very much needed updates :p

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