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What is the Nostalgia Shader?

This shaderpack is intended to reproduce the look and feel of the "old" shaderpacks from back when the shadersmod was new. However it also builds ontop of that with new features and superior performance. Accidentally it also has some similarities to the now cancelled "Super Duper Graphics Pack". If you like the look of this pack, but want something more advanced you can check out NostalgiaVX, which features world-space path-traced lighting using voxels.
Some of the banner images have been kindly provided by the users Uvraj and TheFinkie on my discord server.
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Nostalgia Shader v0.4

Changelog refactoring and rewriting of huge parts of this pack improved shading pipeline improved overall performance improved translucency shading vastly improved clouds added option for multiscattering added option to use the resourcepack texture added option to use more realistic clouds instead of vanilla-styled ones added […]