Nostalgia Shader v0.4


  • refactoring and rewriting of huge parts of this pack
    • improved shading pipeline
    • improved overall performance
    • improved translucency shading
  • vastly improved clouds
    • added option for multiscattering
    • added option to use the resourcepack texture
    • added option to use more realistic clouds instead of vanilla-styled ones
    • added 2D clouds (only available when disabling volumetric clouds)
  • added global illumination (disabled by default)
  • reworked volumetric fog
    • vastly improved visuals on fog
    • now properly separating rayleigh and mie scattering
  • proper implementation of static shadows using the vanilla lightmap
  • added burley-diffuse as new default
  • fixed beacons
  • readjusted tonemapping
  • removed shadow dependency on ao
  • fixed vanilla ao application
  • internal data type optimizations
  • proper settings screen
  • added ACES tonemap
  • fixed spideryes
  • fixed glowing hand when on linux
  • brightened torchlight

Download: Nostalgia v0.4

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