Development Update – February 2024

Oi folks,

It is once again time to go through some new stuff, and I’ve finally managed to get another major thing from my to-do list done when it comes to KappaPT.


As some of you have already seen, I have finally gotten around to re-adding support for The Nether with KappaPT P18. Naturally this also came with some weird hurdles though, which required me to do some slightly unusual workarounds specifically for reflections in the nether. For some unknown reason the directional version of the irradiance cache doesn’t get read properly in the nether when calculating reflections, so I had to add a small fallback to the non-directional version that I usually use for the irradiance volume there. I’m not sure why that happens as the code in that part of the pack is shared across dimensions, but for now my workaround also gets the job done. Aside from that I’ve also done some minor tweaks and updates to the nether lighting in general, although I still have a few more things to iron out before I can move onto also re-adding support for The End, but I think I should manage to get that done soon as well.

Other packs

Once I’m done with the dimension support for KappaPT I’ll also look into some more minor updates for my other packs, as there are a couple minor things that require some updates (such as Mojang changing the tallgrass-block ID again).

Arkham Mods

I’ve also done a few more updates to my mods for Batman: Arkham Knight, though mostly because those are a nice and relatively simple thing to tweak and improve on the side. Nonetheless the updates for my Keaton Skin Pack and the Batman Begins Skin should bring you a variety of small and substantial improvements.

Closing words

I’ve had a bit more time to work on my mods and such in the last few weeks, which has been a nice change, although there are now a few exams coming up at university, so I’ll obviously also be a bit busy with preparing for those for the next few weeks, but generally things have gotten a bit more relaxed now which is definitely a good thing.

It’s obviously also time for a huge thank you to my supporters over on Patreon again, I haven’t been able to keep track as closely as usual but I think you were once again present in record numbers in the last month, which, as you know, always surprises me whenever it happens but regardless of that I am very grateful for your ongoing support :)

That’s it for this time, I hope you enjoy the KappaPT update and also whatever I come up with in the future!

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