Unreal Engine Batman Arkham #22: Batman’89 Comic Suit and reworked 2023 Keaton Suit

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Hey folks,

I’ve finally finished the rework of the 2023 Keaton Batsuit and made more fitting gloves for the Batman Begins Batsuit, and no those aren’t movie-accurate and never will be because the plain rubber gloves of the original prop just don’t look good so instead I came up with my own design for them. I’ve also made a kitbashed version of the Batman ’89 Comic Batsuit, since that suit design is pretty much a hybrid of different designs with only the cowl being a bit more distinctive. I haven’t had much time to do gameplay stuff though, aside from adding an obscure mechanic I discovered in Arkham Knight, where you can perform an aerial attack on an enemy you just picked up from the floor.

Reworked 2023 Keaton Batsuit

This suit was yet another case where I felt like I should give it a revamp since my sculpting and 3D-modelling skills have improved so much since I first made it and in addition to that there were also some areas of the armor design where I had to improvise and it didn’t turn out that well. It took me a little while to get around to it, but I have finally finished the rework of this model and it looks like an upgrade for sure, especially when comparing parts of the abdominal armor or the plating layout on the sides of his torso. I’ve also taken the liberty of segmenting the armor sections a bit by adding some surface type variations per section similar to what I did on the Begins and my blue and grey suit. I feel like this is something that can give suit designs that have a fairly uniformly coloured look more depth and makes it look more practical than it being a solid and completely uniform rubber suit.

Batman ’89 Comic Batsuit

This was a suit that was a bit of a shading playground for me, as I wanted to give it the kind of purple shine that it has in the comic, which I have achieved through an updated version of my anisotropic shading material setup, which now lets me control falloff colours through colourramps. I think this turned out quite nice since it adds a nice tinted shine to it without being overwhelmingly saturated.

Aside from that the actual model is mostly kitbashed from existing pieces, since the original design is basically a mix of elements from different suits as well, with the exception of the cowl which I’ve done with a new highpoly sculpt to mix things up. I think it turned out pretty good overall and was a nice thing to do in-between.

New Batman Begins Gloves

A lot of you noticed (not to say complained about) the gloves on the Batman Begins suit, as I was just reusing the gloves from the Dark Knight Suit there, as the plain rubber gloves of the original movie prop just didn’t look fitting when I already gave the rest of the suit a bunch of subtle upgrades. I thought it might be neat to instead give the suit some properly fitting gloves instead, so I came up with a design that’s essentially the plain rubber gloves as the base layer with details stacked ontop, such as the wrist guard or some knucklepads that fit the other metallic accents of the suit. Those new gloves certainly match the look of the bodysuit a lot better and were also a good opportunity for me to learn how to do custom gloves/hand meshes. I may have overdone it a little bit with the detail level given that its just gloves, but I might as well to it properly :p

Upcoming stuff

There are a few more things that I got in mind as far as skins go, specifically a more classic blue and grey Keaton Batsuit and some overhauls for the Arkham Asylum and City Suits, since I haven’t touched those in a while and especially the cowl meshes stick out like a sore thumb there. Aside from that I don’t really have any specific things planned, so I guess I’ll have to see what comes to mind, though I kinda wanna work more on the gameplay again.

Until then, I hope you enjoyed this devlog :)

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