Nostalgia v3.0 Progress and Preview-Version Availability

Oi folks,

since I now finally have a proper website I might as well use it for these blog-style announcements. I am slowly ramping up the work on the next major update of Nostalgia Shader and started with putting a first, although very early, preview onto my patreon page. This version is available for all patrons, whereas the next ones will likely follow the way I handled Kappa v3.0, which was limited to Tier 2+ Supporters.

I have decided to keep this kind of preview-organization for future packs as well, since it offers something in return for my patreon-supporters and otherwise those versions would just have been private anyways, so nobody looses anything. Of course the (close to and) final release versions will be public like they always have been.

And speaking of Kappa Shader, as I said before the preview of v3.0 Lite is already freely available on my Discord server, so feel free to pay it a visit. Kappa v3.0 is also getting pretty close to public previews now, once I figured some remaining quirks out and cleaned up the code a bit.

Thats pretty much all I had to say for now, see ya’ around

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