Arkham UE #0: Preface


As the new Blog Series about some of the foundations of my Batman Arkham replica using Unreal Engine 4 is about to launch in the near future I’d like to say some things about it before we start off:

First off, these kinds of blogs take much more time and preparation than my other development blogs, which is due to the much more in-depth and elaborate nature of explaining certain workflows and steps rather than just giving a brief overview of some recent updates and plans like I do in most other posts. Due to that fact that I have decided that it’d be reasonable to apply an “early-access model” for these posts, which means they will first be published on Patreon and then publicly on this website a week later. The early access posts will be available for all patrons though, which means it’s just 1€ to get early access if you can’t wait for them to go public a week later, or if you want to show some support, since it makes it a bit easier for me to devote time to these kinds of projects.

Secondly, this is not going to be a tutorial for newbies to Unreal Engine. I think I’ve said this in an earlier post, but in order to follow and apply the information given in this blog series you are required to have some core knowledge about using Unreal Engine 4 as well as your 3D modelling application of choice. Breaking things down to be understandable for people with no previous experience would be a lot more work than I am capable of, and since there is already plenty of sources that cover the basics, it doesn’t seem worth the effort and time to break things down to that level.

Here is a list of the pieces of software I will be using in this series and you may also find useful:

I highly recommend buying the original Games on GoG since they are DRM free then; which is always nice, especially since Denuvo is so controversial.

This project also has it’s own channel on my discord server now (#unreal-engine, invite link in navbar) if you need any questions answered.

That’s all I have to say before I get going with the series, hope you’ll enjoy it and learn something new from it!

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