KappaPT – Mid-March 2021 Development Update

Hey y’all,

I thought it might be nice to also cover the updates and changes KappaPT recieved in a mid-month blogpost so that people thinking about supporting can also get an idea of what to expect in terms of updates (which are definitely more common than on some other PT packs *cough*).

There have been quite a few changes since KappaPT launched, which has lead to three new versions being already released on Patreon in this short timeframe. This includes:

  • New block intersections
    • carpets, buttons, doors and pressure plates
    • stairs will follow eventually as their intersections are bit more complex since they are made of two boxes and require a variety of orientations
  • New emitter mappings
    • shroomlights, end rods, portals and beacons
    • all conrete power colors are now mapped for colored emitters (setting to disable it will follow soon)
  • Voxel LOD structure to accelerate tracing through the voxel data
    • initially added with P2, but with a major performance loss which has been mitigated with P3
    • delivers massive performance gains in complex outdoor scenes (city maps for example)
    • now has very little overhead, thus does no longer lead to performance loss
  • Various internal optimisations and tweaks
    • improved performance when using SSPT
    • improved performance in mostly sunlit scenes
    • 1SPP is now the default as 2SPP only had very minor gains at a high performance cost
    • tweaked skylight brightness
    • improved albedo based emitter behaviour
  • Improved lighting behaviour
    • Global Illumination is now calculated correctly, leading to much nicer results
    • added partial Spherical Harmonics which leads to improved preservation of normalmap details
    • improved SVGF Filter behaviour
    • fixed various filtering artifacts if the sky was on-screen
  • Added Screenspace Reflections
    • placeholder until reflections based on the voxel volume are working
  • Added water volume
    • on par with Kappa 4.0
  • Added voxel alpha testing
    • work in progress and might break in various scenes
  • Added water caustics and stained glass shadows
    • currently broken on nVidia GPUs as far as I am aware
  • Reorganised lighting settings and added user friendly settings labels

Thats pretty much it for this time, I’ll try to cover the new updates either in separate post like these or in the regular monthly development blogs depending on how much there is to be covered.

Make sure to visit my discord server for support, development progress and other information.


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