Batman Begins Suit Mod (for Arkham Knight)


as some of you know it has recently become possible to import completely new 3D models into the Arkham games, albeit with a lot of drawbacks and issues that have not yet been resolved. Regardless of that I have spent some time on trying to port the Batman Begins 3D model I made for my project on Unreal Engine 4 to Arkham Knight. After countless hours of messing with the skin weights of the meshes, transferring weights back and forth across meshes a dozen times and with some help from TheArkhamDoctor (sometimes also just known as TheDoctor) the model is at least in a usable state now. It still has a couple rough spots that would be solved if I were able to just use the skin weights I originally made for the model, but as that seems to be impossible for now this must do.

You can install it by dropping the unpacked folder into a DLC’s folder (ideally the 2008 movie skin one).

I hope you’ll enjoy this mod regardless of its issues and if you want to support my work feel free to check out my Patreon page :)

Please use the updated version: Link


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