Supporter Updates 2023-12

Hi folks,

I’ve finally added support for The End to Soft Voxels (this has really been long overdue). I’ve also wanted to re-add support for The Nether to KappaPT before the holidays, but I guess most of you can relate to how unexpectedly stressful the weeks before Christmas sometimes get.

Soft Voxels

As I already said I have finally added support for The End, and that’s mostly because I finally had a good and unique idea for it. Its look is somewhat inspired by how faster-than-light-travel is often depicted in Sci-Fi media, in this case specifically also by Star Trek and its various visualisations of how space looks from inside a warp bubble or a subspace rift. I think it turned out quite nicely and it’s definitely a very distinct look, which is obviously something that’s also important to me when coming up with these designs :p

I hope you enjoy this update and the upcoming holidays if you celebrate them :)

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