Supporter Updates 2023-02

Hey folks,

There have been a couple updates again recently, although I’ve been focusing on FastPBR and Soft Voxels as of late.

Soft Voxels P6d

I’ve fixed a couple bugs with this version and am mostly just testing different things behind the scenes, especially since Iris will receive another batch of useful features with the upcoming release of Iris 1.6. Naturally I am already figuring out how I can use those to improve things even further, as the upcoming features would allow me to improve the LPV used in Soft Voxels, which should be quite interesting as spherical harmonics could be used to give it more directionality without having to do weird hacks to avoid light leaking and such.


  • Fixed displaced cloud lighting when far from the world origin
  • Fixed TAAU ratios other than 50% when being in the nether
  • Minor SVGF denoising adjustments, should be a bit more stable in motion now

Screenshot made by Kazmium

FastPBR v1.0 Preview E2

There have already been two previews of the updated FastPBR this month as you can see, and these have turned out to be quite the upgrade over the previous initial previews of it that I’ve posted on my discord server over a year ago. I have also been trying a slightly different style of volumetric clouds with preview E2, which are now smaller and more broken up rather than having the usual big and “puffy” cumulus-style clouds.

The FastPBR previews are also available for all patrons, so make sure to give them a try :)


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