Supporter Updates 2022-08

Oi folks,

There have been a few updates recently so I thought it’d make sense to once again bundle them into a single post.

Kappa Shader v5.0 Preview E3

There have been a few new previews of Kappa Shader v5.0 since the preview-launch, in which I overhauled the 2D clouds and fixed a bunch of issues you folks have reported. This should bring it another step closer to its full release which will hopefully be soon :)

Screenshot made by Budder


  • Overhauled 2D clouds
    • Added cirrocumulus clouds
    • New cirrus/cirrostratus clouds
    • Added noctilucent clouds
  • Fixed broken lightning flash effect on clouds when disabling temporal upscaling
  • Fixed lens flares
  • Fixed Depth of Field
  • Reworked settings for TAA(U)
  • Adjusted SVGF denoiser used for indirect lighting
  • Improved upscaling for indirect lighting

NostalgiaVX P8

I’ve decided that TAAU would make sense to “bridge the gap” of sorts until I can finally work on a proper revamp (ideally leveraging the more robust foundation of iris rather than OptiFine) as it does provide a reasonable performance boost in many scenes, though sadly not enough to cover up the underlying issue. Nonetheless it seems better than nothing for the time being.

Screenshot made by Noelle


  • Added TAAU
    • At 75% by default
  • Adjusted SVGF denoiser
  • Improved upscaling for indirect lighting
  • Added setting to control the intensity of the image sharpening

Soft Voxels P4a

The overworld part of Soft Voxels is now slowly reaching a robust state, which means I’ll do a bit of a refinement pass before I start splitting off the free version, which will most likely just feature overworld shaders for the foreseeable future, as I’d obviously still want both versions to stay a bit separate.

Screenshot made by TheFinkie


  • Added option to freeze atmospheric animations
  • Added setting to control LPV fog contribution
  • Adjusted density of volumetric fog
    • Should be a bit less extreme now


I hope you’ll enjoy these updates as always :)


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